Reason for a baby cries and tips to soothe them

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Your newborn baby will be dependent on you fully; being a new parent you can’t find a suitable reason for your baby cry. A baby can cry before having a portion of food and sometime after feeding there are many reasons are hiding in baby cry. You have to suggest with the doctor to know the reason else you can simply get suggest from your grandparents.

So you must give much attention to your baby to care most, follow the following tips to make your baby in comfort zone.

What is the reason for a baby do cries after feeding?

Babies cry is a common experience for all parents to get alarming about the hungry and need of their child.

There is a difference between a baby’s cry if a baby cries after feeding you as a dad and mom of a baby might get distressed to calm down their baby. Know the reason and solution to solve the problem caused to your baby during after feeding.

baby cries

Due to food allergies

While feeding new foods for your baby, you should be alert when your baby cries after eating, treat their immune system safely from subject to get threat.

Babies are often sensitive to change from breastfed to a variety of foods, know the foods that contribute to affect your baby health. Avoid a portion of food which causes the highest number of allergies for a child.

  • Remedy: Consider switching the formula in food to certain brands and avoid foods which can cause them to feel discomfort after eating.

Due to Acid reflux

The sphincter muscles in the food pipe have underdeveloped for a baby will throw back the drink which is subject to acid reflux.

Also when baby cries after bottle feeding it also reflects when the stomach of a baby has not enough space to store food. By using the medical term, spitting acid reflux is defined as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.

  • Remedy: Make sure to seat your baby upright during feeding and then after feeds laying them down after applying pressure into the oesophagus to get open to pass the food into the stomach.

Due to gas

If your baby cry after feeding for a longtime, the gas problem might be a reason for that. Occurring gas in the stomach is a common problem faced by every child and parent. Gas in stomach is a form of a swallowed lot of air that makes uncomfortable feeling get trapped in the stomach of a baby.

  • Remedy: Take your baby then upright to sit, else remain your baby on your shoulders for at least 30 minutes after feeding. You can also rub slightly on their back to loosen the air packed in the path of the stomach.

Due to colic

If your baby seems to cry long without stopping, generally it will be considered as a colic symptom it might be gassy formation after feeding. It is a quite common problem faced by babies which are under 3 months.

  • Remedy: try to avoid your child from sucking more air and if you cannot control their cries immediately contact with a child specialist to eliminate all triggers possibly in effective time.